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I made this as a coffee cake, I will write about it as a coffee cake, the pictures show coffee cake, but truth be told I recommend this recipe as muffins.  Do what you want with that information, I’m just putting it out there.  I had baked the Blueberry Coffee cake for long enough +5 minutes and the center still came out thick and somewhat pasty.  My toothpick came out clean and everything, but dense the center was.   I ate the outsides.  D, on the other hand, lathered his slice in Earth Balance and it was down the hatch.

I’ve had a lot of blueberries on hand lately! The reason is because in my quest to find organic food, which is of uttermost importance to me, I stumbled upon a 3lb bag of frozen organic blueberries at Costco.  I since I practically have an I.V. pumping smoothies in my blood all week, frozen berries are a must have in my kitchen.  The 3lb bag of organic blueberries have lasted for weeks so they are a great deal.  Here is my newest NON-smoothie recipe…


What You’ll Need:

1 cup frozen blueberries, thawed

1/2 cup raw sugar

1 cup whole wheat pastry flower

1 cup unbleached all purpose flour

1/2 cup applesauce

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 1/4 cups soy milk


How You’ll Do It:

Preheat oven to 350º.  Put your frozen berries in a small bowl and cover them in cool water to thaw. Mix dry ingredients together (flours, baking soda, baking powder, raw sugar) in a large bowl.  Sift if needed.  Then pour in applesauce and soy milk.  Mix together with a fork until all dry ingredients are thoroughly incorporated with the wet ingredients.  You should have a thick, mostly lumpless, batter that is still thin enough to be poured with ease.  Drain your blueberries, dab dry with a paper towel, and fold them into your batter. 

 In either a round cake pan (what I used) or a square baking dish, pour batter in evenly.  Place in oven and bake for 25 minutes.  If you would like to line a muffin tin for Low-Fat Blueberry Muffins, bake for 18-20 minutes instead.  Either way, make sure a toothpick or fork comes out clean when inserted into cake to insure doneness. 


Why You’ll Love It:

   Using raw unrefined sugar in this recipe instead of refined sugar is a huge plus.  Raw sugar has trace minerals in it, including phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, and potassium.  Refined (white) sugar has been stripped of all these mineral and has chemicals used in it’s processing.   Don’t be fooled into thinking that all sugar that is brown is raw.  Many sugars have molasses added back into them to change the color brown.  Take effort to make sure you purchase organic raw unrefined sugar, if you want to get the most nutritional bang for your buck.  And if you’re feeling really generous to the environment, buy Fair Trade. 

   To up your blueberry intake through a recipe without raw sugar, try some Blueberry Sorbet.


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Hearty breakfasts are wonderful. There is a part of me that wishes I could eat a big ‘ole breakfast every day of the week.  Since my nutrition studies began I haven’t given up hearty breakfast at all, but I am much more picky about what kind of hearty breakfast I eat.  No more biscuits and sausage gravy for me, though I was born and bred loving the stuff.  And no more fried eggs and ham for my cholesterol-loathing self.  Instead, I feast on a little something like this… and I’m a happier and healthier woman for it.

What You’ll Need:

2 large cloves garlic, minced or pressed

1/2 red bell pepper, diced or chopped

1/2 white onion, diced 

2 cups fresh spinach

1 T extra virgin olive oil

3 or 4 potatoes, chopped evenly 

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp black pepper            

1 small bunch fresh chives         



How You’ll Do It:

  Heat a large pan to medium high and drizzle in the oil plus a few tables spoons of water.  Once heated, add in peppers, onion, and garlic and saute until onions begin to get translucent.  Then add potatoes and continue to saute or lightly fry for about 10 minutes (depending on how big your chunked potatoes are).  *In order to speed my process and not have to fry them as much, I covered my pan with a lid and let the steam play a larger role in the cooking.  I recommend this for you low-fattys who don’t like to fry*  

Continue cooking until potatoes get tender enough to easily poke a fork through.  At that point, toss in your spinach and a few tablespoons of water.  Cook for 2 or 3 minutes, until spinach has reduced and is partially wiled.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.  Right before serving, snip fresh chives all over the top of your delicious hashed browns.


Why You’ll Love It:

  “I’m Popeye, the sailor man. I live in a garbage can.  I’m strong to the finish cause I eats my spinach, I’m Popeye the sailor man”   

 Alright, does that sound familiar to anyone?  Was Popeye the first cartoon ever admired for his healthy eating habits?  I think he may have been!  Good ole Popeye was so strong and it was because he ate spinach!  Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse.  There is actually so many nutritional benefits of eating spinach that I am going to refer you HERE if you truly would like to get a glimpse of what spinach can do for you.

   In a nutshell, it has over 1000% of your Vitamin K for the day.  It is also freakishly high in vitamin A, E, C, folate, magnesium, and manganese.   Eating spinach can help protect your body from many different diseases.  

Red Pepper & Spinach Hashed Browns is a great breakfast option, but also makes a great side item for any meal of the day.  If you aren’t one who likes to get up early and get in the kitchen, simply have this for dinner!



 If you love your spinach as much as Popeye himself, try this recipe too. po_image1

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It is so refreshing to wake up in the morning and douse yourself with a tangy and sweet fruit smoothie.  I am a fan of a hearty breakfast, but I’m also a fan of getting in a healthful serving of fruit for the day.  When I’m at work all day long and handling the tasks of every day life I easily find myself snacking on nuts, seeds, and raw veggies.  What I don’t always find myself reaching for when in need of a pick-me-up is a piece of fresh fruit.  It’s for this reason that I am a big fan of fruit smoothies in the morning.  They’re refreshing, energizing, and a great way to get in my fruit for the day which is very important to me.




What You’ll Need

6 frozen strawberries

1 fresh banana 

1 cup frozen blueberries

2 T ground flax seeds

1.5-2 all natural pomegranate juice (adjust for desired consistency)

How You’ll Do It:

  If you’re not in a rush, put your frozen fruit in your Magic Bullet Blender or other blender 5 minutes before you’re ready to make your smoothie.  A few minutes of thawing facilitates the blending process. Once you’re ready, blend all fruit together with the pomegranate juice.  Use a wooden spoon or spatula to scrape the sides and stir the mix as needed to help the blending process.  Add more or less pomegranate juice as desired, based on how thick you want your smoothie.  Once fruit and fruit juice is thoroughly mixed and smooth, add flax seed and stir to combine.  Pour in desired glass, preferably one that’s fun to drink out of, and enjoy.


Why You’ll Love It:

   Pomegranates and blueberries are both natural superfoods!  They are both leaders in antioxidants.  Ellagic acid is a powerful nutrient in blueberries and strawberries.  It has been shown to improve digestive issues and to help prevent cancers.  In a study with over 1,000 elderly people, those who ate berries high in ellagic acid were three times less likely to develop cancer.  Blueberries can assist with both diarrhea and constipation due to the soluble and insoluble fiber in them.  The tannins in blueberries act as a digestion astringent which helps to reduce inflammation.  (*for further reading on blueberries, and other healthful foods, click here for one of my resources, WHFoods).

  According to the Fruit Expert, “It is no secret that eating fruit is good for you and has plenty of health benefits – but what are they? Generally, people who eat more fruit as part of a healthy diet are less likely to develop diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer, and they provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to fight other infections and repair cells, too.”

If you are a smoothie lover, be sure to check out the Pineapple Passionfruit Boost too!

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Blueberry Griddle Cakes

When I ate these I thought I had died and gone to breakfast heaven!  Maybe it was because D made them for me, cleaned the kitchen first and then afterwards.  Maybe it was because I got to roll right out of bed and plop down at the kitchen table with the whole spread complete.  But what I’m think it equally was is the fact that these Blueberry Griddle Cakes were SO scrumptious and satisfying!  

Be advised, these breakfast cakes should be eaten with caution.  Eating too many of them will leave you with clothes that are a little too snug!  These are more of the every-once-in-a-while, for-a-special-occasion type of treat.  I would recommend having them with some beautiful fruit on the side.  That way, you can eat the fruit with the cakes and that will sweeten it up without adding syrup.  Or you can stuff your face with fruit before to eat your cake and that way you’ll fill up just a little sooner!


I’m not sure why every picture I took of these had multiple Blueberry Griddle Cakes stacked on top of each other as if the Jolly Green Giant was sitting down to eat.  Truth is, D ate one and a half and felt like he was going to pop!  I ate one and called it a day!  There is just something about vegan pancakes that fill you up like no other pancake did before it!

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 Typically I’m at my office all day long and the days when I’m at home (weekends) are filled with laundry, cleaning, and seeing family and friends.  But this weekday I found myself at home, whipping up concoctions.  How fabulous. 

My new favorite snack is a shake made from Hemp milk.  CHOCOLATE hemp milk, that is!  Hemp  is great because it has a high amount of easily digestible complete proteins.  Hemp is an excellent source for Omega 3’s and 6’s and also has all essential amino acids.

This Hippie Hippie Shake is a great, quick, plant-based shake to make when you want a light dessert in the evening, a mid day snack or if you’re wanting a light breakfast.  I just can’t help it, I love to eat and drink things that are great at any time you want them!  When you don’t have all day long to meal plan and cook, eating things that are versatile is a must!


What You’ll Need:

1 1/5 cups chocolate hemp milk

3/4 cups ice

2 T agave nectar

1/4 t vanilla extract

How You’ll Do It:

Combine first four ingredients in Magic Bullet or blender and blend until smooth.  Pour shake into a glass and add thinly sliced banana pieces on top.  Be amazed!


Why You’ll Love It:

   Hemp contains all essential amino acids and fatty acids (ALA). Since hemp is a complete protein, this no-sugar-added shake is a great post-work out snack.  You don’t have to worry about any cholesterol or bad fats because this SHAKE is plant based. I only wish I could drive though somewhere and get a hemp chocolate shake!

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I’m not the biggest fan of a tofu scramble.  D likes it, but I don’t find that it has enough flavor to be fully enjoyed.  I like breakfast to have a nice impact on my day.  I love changing up my usual breakfast routine (organic unsweetened raisin bran, oatmeal, Ezekiel Bread, toast, one smoothie or another) with something like Breakfast Hash Scramble!  The beauty of this recipe is that it can be easily created using left over ingredients from the night before.   I’ll tell you what I did.

 The night before I looked in my refrigerator.  I saw a baked potato from two nights before and 1/2 of a Gimme Lean breakfast ‘sausage’.  So, I decided we’d have a hash brown scramble for breakfast the next day!  I love making good use of leftovers!  I chopped up some garlic, mushrooms, and bell peppers.  I put them in a baggie and refrigerated over night.  In the a.m. I diced the potato and started sauteing it with my choppings from the night before.  While it was cooking, I cooked the 1/2 Gimme Lean link in another pan simultaneously.  Once the Gimme Lean was cooked through I added it to the hash brown scramble, threw in 1/4 of a roma tomato and called it a day!  Actually, I called it “Breakfast is ready!”.

We squirted some natural ketchup all over it and somehow mine disappeared in about 4 minutes!  It was awesome!




1 cooked baked potato

1/2 cup diced bell pepper, assorted colors or green

1/2 cup diced mushrooms, white or button

1 large clove garlic, minced

olive oil for sauteing, a light spray is ideal

1/2 cup breakfast faux sausage, browned in small pieces

salt and black pepper to taste


In a medium or large saute pan, heat to med-high.  Spray lightly with olive oil (or coat with a light drizzle).  Once hot, add garlic, peppers, and mushrooms.  Heat a small saute pan on med-high.  Once heated, start browning your breakfast ‘sausage’.  Add potatoes to pepper and mushroom saute and season with salt and black pepper to taste.  Once ‘sausage’ is cooked or mostly cooked through (it should be in small pieces or small ball-like shapes), add ‘sausage’ to the hash browns.  Continue cooking together until thoroughly hot and seasoned.  Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Ezekial Bread is truly a life savor!  It is the perfect VEGAN breakfast or snack!  D and I prefer the Cinnamon Raisin bread, with a dab of Earth Balance.  If you pair it with a glass of juice and a side of fruit, you’ve got a first-class breakfast!  

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin Bread is so so so TASTY!  I loved this bread even before I went veg!  Since it’s omni friendly it is perfect to have for a light breakfast if you have guests over!  It is filling, too!  You won’t be looking for a snack within a half hour.  

Ezekiel Bread is made by Food For Life.  Their products are flourless, vegan, and organic!  I love them because you must keep them in the freezer in order to keep fresh since there are no preservatives.  I feel a lot better about spending $5 or $6 bucks on a loaf of bread when I know it will last me!  With Ezekiel Bread I don’t have to check it for mold or wonder if it’s still good.  I just pop a couple of pieces out of the freezer, put them in the toaster, and enjoy every last bite!  My frozen, toasted bread always turns out crunchy yet soft!  Ezekiel Bread is a great protein and fiber packed breakfast so I feel good about starting my day of eating this way!  

I’ve added some Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Cereal to the Hello Veggie Store.  Check it out!  Treat yourself today to an amazing product!

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