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If you need a quick appetizer, I suggest trying my Greek Pinwheels!  

They are tasty, light, and easy to make on-the-fly! We all know that people at a party love little finger foods to pick up and snack on while mixing and mingling!  But even if you’re not throwing a party, and you just want a snack Greek Pinwheels will hit the spot! If you need lunch, just add lots of lettuce and spinach!p1030481

Ingredients: (per one person or 7-10 pinwheel slices)

1 whole wheat tortilla

2 T non-dairy cream cheese

1 roma tomato, sliced as thinly as possible into 6-8 slices

1/4 cup kalamata olices, diced

salt and black pepper to taste


Spread non-dairy cream cheese over tortilla.  Place tomato slices evenly on top of non-dairy cream cheese, starting from the center moving outward.  Sprinkle olives on top of tomatoes. Season with a few sprinkles of salt a pepper.  Roll up tortilla, slice into thin pinwheels and enjoy!


Kalamata Olives are tangy, sour, and delicious to add to meals!  The nutrients in olives are known to help prevent heart disease.  Olives have lots of vitamin E, fiber, and have anti-inflammatory effects!


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