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 I created this recipe especially for all you sinlges and couples out there.  I lived alone for the majority of college and now that I’m married, it’s just D and me.  8 out of 10 recipes yeild enough to serve a family of 6.  You end up feeling like you’re wasting money on more ingredients than you need and feeling bad for throwing out perfectly good leftovers that have been in your refridgerator for a week.

This recipe is quick and easy.  It has a preperation time of 5 minutes or less and comes out of the oven ready to eat.  No cooling, setting, flipping, or further constructing required.  It serves a single person easily but could also be shared between two people.

What You’ll Need:

1 golden delicious apple

1.5 tsp ground cinnamon

3 T agave nectar (or maple syrup)

1/4 cup raw hazlenuts, chopped

1 tsp rolled oats, optional



How You’ll Do It:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Slice your apple into thin wedges or slices.

Lay them mostly flat, in one layer,  in a single serving baking dish.

Sprinkle the chopped hazlenuts, rolled oats and cinnamon on top of the apples as evenly as possible.  Then drizzle the agave nectar on top.

Bake for 25 minutes.  Make sure you can easily poke a fork or toothpick in an apple without any resistnace.  If your apples are not soft enough, bake for 5 more minutes and recheck.  Continue at 5 minute intervals if needed.

Why You’ll Love It:

  Multiple studies have shown that cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and has been very beneficial for people suffering from Type II Diabetes.  Cinnamon is a natural food preservative because it prevents food spoilage and bacterial growth.  Cinnamon also helps prevent blood clots.  The smell of cinnamon has been shown to boost cognitive function and memory.

  One medium apple, with peel, has aver 10% of your daily value of fiber.  The combination of fiber and fructose, a simple sugar, in apples causes a slow and steady breadown which helps keep blood sugar regulated. 

For another delicious, healthful,  apple and cinnamon combination check out Fancy Apple Whole Wheat Crepes!



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I have recently purchased a Neti Pot.  I have been wanting one for quite some time so I am excited to finally own one!  Few things in my house are colorful (which is how I like it!) so I decided to get a colorful little Neti Pot!

Using a Neti Pot is an all natural, drug free, way to help keep your body healthy!  The Neti Pot helps reduce or eliminate a variety of physical symptoms that many people suffer from on a daily basis!  The use of a Neti Pot helps with sinus problems, congestions, allergies, eye irritation as well as sharpens your sense of smell and taste!  Additionally, Neti Pots help to strengthen your immune system!

Neti Pots can be used 1-2 times daily and are most effective when used after a hot shower.  The heat and steam from a hot shower helps loosen and moisten the nasal membranes and mucus.  In addition to being a natural healer, spending $20 on a Neti Pot is a much more economic expense than spending money on medication and doctors appointments!

To use a Neti Pot put a heaping 1/4 tsp of super fine sea salt in the bottom of your pot.  Add enough warm water to the pot to come up the the bottom of the spout. (about 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water)  Make sure your salt is dissolved in the water before you use it.  Bend forward at the waist and tilt your head on one side and slightly forward.  Insert your Neti Pot spout tip in the nostril that is closest to the ceiling.  You do not have to shove the spout in your nose!  As long as the spout is snugly inside your nostril, you’re good to go.  This is not painful or uncomfortable. 

Slowly tilt your pot upward in order to get the salt and water solution to flow through the pot and into your nasal cavity.  You may feel slightly uncomfortable with the feeling of the water flowing through your sinuses until you get familiar with the procedure, but it soon will become second nature.  The solution will flow into your nose, through your sinus cavities, and will drain out the other nostril!  You pour water in one side and watch it drip out the other side.  Once you let about 1/2 of the water go through the first nostril remove the pot from your nose and lean your head downwards and forward to let the water drain out.  Once the water drains, turn your head the other directions and repeat the steps on the other side. 

  Though I went for a colorful Neti Pot, they come in all sorts of different sizes and shapes. So shop around and find one you like! Give it a try, you’ll feel the difference!

So many people neglect their health on a daily basis.  They are not active, they do not put healthful foods in their body, and they drug themselves to relieve symptoms.  Using natural wellness methods, such as a Neti Pot, while maintaining a lifestyle of a whole foods based VEGAN diet is truly the best foundation for great long term health!  

Rinse yourself.  Protect yourself.  Eat life giving food.  And then eat more.

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One of the many reasons Hello Veggie was created was to inform people about different foods.  So lets take a look at an All American drink!

When you are a human female who is pregnant your body starts to produce milk inside glands for your baby.  You have milk created in your body in order to nourish your baby, for optimum health and bonding for you and your baby.  This is natural and beautiful.  

Since going VEGAN, I’ve often wondered which farmer first saw a baby calf drinking from it’s mothers milk glands and thought to himself “Mmm, that looks good! I’d like to try some of that!”.  It’s a perverse thought in it’s nature because it is not a natural inclination for one mammal to look to the teat of another mammal for a drink, much less for nourishment.

Why do conventional eaters drink cows milk?

1) Cows Milk has calcium in it.  This is because the cow eats a plant based diet and plants are loaded with calcium.  Do you remember the last time you ate a green veggie?  Have you eaten broccoli, zuke, lettuce, or spinach?  If you have, you were eating calcium.  Dark green veggies are one of many plant sources that is packed with calcium.  What about whole milk?  You know, the thick stuff?  Vitamin D! Right?  The ONLY source of vitamin D is the sun.  Whole milk is just fortified.  Cows milk doesn’t provide any nutrient that you don’t already get from somewhere else.  

2) Conventional eaters have been taught that the milk from a cow is needed and healthful.  Your parents did it, schools gave you a little cute carton of it at lunch, you see it advertised on the lips of hot people.  Why all of the advertising?  Why the push?  Nobody pushes juice or water the way they push cows milk.  It’s because the government makes money from your purchase.  Dairy is subsidized.  And I almost hate to point it out, but there are many people who would have a hard job hit if people were healthier. I do not believe the government wants people to be as healthy as they could be.  Dr.’s, lawyers, nurses, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacies, salesmen…all of these people would feel the dramatic differenc in their businesses if people were healthier.  America pays more for our healthcare system (researchers, etc) than any other country and it has some of the most unhealthy people in the world!  2 + 2 = 7? 

3) Conventional eaters drink cows milk because they don’t know what other milks to drink!  What I mostly drink is organic soy milk, fortified with b12 and vitamin D.  Rice milk, almond milk, and coconut milk are all other delicious milks to enjoy. (and NONE of these plant based milks have cholesterol like cows milk does) I don’t ever partake in a plain glass of soy milk.  I don’t enjoy the flavor enough to go there.  But for cereal, baking, and cooking soy milk is great!  All of the other milks would probably be tastier if you had the urge to chug some milk.  But since milk is mostly used for cooking and baking, all of these milks would be delicious! 

4) Conventional eaters drink cows milk because they don’t know what cows must go through in order to produce milk in factory farms.  Cows are artificially inceminated, over and over, are allowed to feed their calf for 4 weeks and then their calf is taken from the mother to kill (boy) or be inceminated (girl) and this is how they keep the milk pumping.  

5) Conventional eaters don’t realize how cows milk is bad for your health.  The cows who are milked are unhealthy.  They are pumped with steroids and hormones to make them get as fat as possible as quickly as possible.  They are pumped with antibiotics to keep them alive through the disease covered environment they live in.  But what if I drink only ORGANIC cows milk? What if I just only drink antibiotic free range cows milk?  That is a healthy motive, but unfortunately it’s not quite going to spare you.  

This is a quote from a doctor who has performed the most extensive scientific research study on nutrition over  Dr. Colin T. Campbell PhD, “What protien consistently and strongly promoted cancer?  Casein, which makes up 87% of cows milk protein, promoted all stages of cancer.  What proteins did not promote cancer, even at high intake?  The safe proteins were from plants, including wheat and soy.”  Read whole exert here.  Before I started researching nutrition, I NEVER realized protein was in dairy!  I thought meat = protein and that’s it. But what I would really want to know is WHY people would alter their diet to just drinking organic and antibiotic free cows milk.  WHY do they even want to drink the milk from a cow?  When I drank cows milk, it was just because that’s what I had always done!  Not a strong reason and that’s why I had no problem letting it go.  

This is where the awareness comes in.  You know antibiotics are in your cows milk=bad.  But what cows suffer through to produce it=bad too.  Casein=bad too.  So why drink cows milk at all?  To fit in?  To stick to habit?  To follow the leader?  It’s certainly something to think about!  And be aware, once you let in the logic, research, and compassion for a vegan diet, it will make your life amazing!


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According to HealthCentral.com,and a wide variety of other nutrition sources, eating pomegranate seeds or drinking pomegranate juice has many seductive health benefits.  The pomegranate is a beautiful, colorful, soft, sweet, tangy, vibrant piece of produce of the Earth.  The smell is fragrant, the flavor makes your tongue tingle, and why not give it a try if it’s suspected to reduce prostate and breast cancer, have aspirin like qualities of keeping blood flowing without clotting, help protect against heart disease, improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and help to relive arthritis?  All of that to say, I’m not even going into the description of antioxidant power and virus fighting strengths!

I was delighted while shopping at Whole Foods this past weekend to find pomegranates, 2 large fruits for $5!  Additionally, Whole Foods is featuring delicious, sweet, edible as-is, Meyer Lemons at less than $3 per pound! With these petite, shiny, sweet lemons being about the size of a golf ball… you can get a couple of handfuls for one pound or less.  I recommend going to pick up a couple of pomegranates, a couple of Meyer Lemons if you’re feeling up to it, and boosting your immune system and heart disease fighting power!  



For a party, create an interesting drink by garnishing ginger ale, punch, or champagne with pom seeds!

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